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Fall Conference

These pages provide all necessary forms and details for NEPCA’s annual conference. 

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 Where is the next conference?

NEPCA’s 2015 fall conference will be held on the campus of Colby-Sawyer College, the weekend of October 30-31, 2015. The deadline for proposals is June 15 2015Proposals for 2015 are now closed. 

Colby-Sawyer is located in New London, NH. Look for updates about transportation, lodging, etc.

What sort of proposals are appropriate?

NEPCA welcomes both individual papers and complete panels. We also encourage works in progress, and informal presentations. The only restrictions on presentations are:

  • The proposal should be rooted in research. We do not automatically exclude original poetry, composed works of fiction, or musical/dance/storytelling performance, but such works must be connected to greater theoretical and research frameworks.
  • NEPCA generally avoids proposals whose intent is overtly commercial.
  • Proposals should appeal to a broad audience.

If you need advice on proposals, click here for a list of area chairs. You can contact the appropriate chair for advice. If you do not see an area that matches your proposal, send it to the chair for Miscellaneous.

How do I submit a proposal? 

To submit a proposal, do the following:

  • Fill out the NEPCA PAPER PROPOSAL FORM found in this section (or click on link).
  • Submit this form (electronically) to the conference program chair.
  • Area chairs can also help you determine whether your proposal needs refining. You should consult with the area chair before finalizing your proposal and submitting it to the program chair.
  • Upon acceptance, register using either PayPay or by sending a check to: Robert Weir: 15 Woods Road, Florence, MA 01062. If you send a check, kindly copy the 2015 Registration Form and send it with the check. IMPORTANT: If you do not preregister, NEPCA might have to repost a call for papers and remove you from the conference lineup. This is due August 31, though immediate registration is preferred. Those registering after August 31 might be bumped unless you confirm otherwise with the Program Chair.

The program chair for 2015 is: Kraig Larkin: Kraig.Larkin@colby-sawyer.edu    

You should consult this list regularly as Area Chairs often change before the conference. Here is the current list of area chairs


How do I double check to make sure I’ve submitted everything? 

Use this convenient check list:

Have you:

[  ]  Completed the Paper Proposal and Registration Form?

[  ]   Sent the above to  Program Chair via electronic submission on Google forms?

[   ]  Received official confirmation that my paper has been accepted?

[  ]  Completed the Conference Registration Form and sent it and a check for your conferences fees to the Executive Secretary? (The address is on the form.) Or, you can use Pay Pal to pay fees.


IMPORTANT: If you register by PayPal, make certain that YOUR NAME is attached to the payment. You should also send a copy of the completed PROPOSAL AND REGISTRATION FORM to weir.r@comcast.net as soon as you have registered. If you have used someone else’s PayPal or checking account to pay, please indicate this or there is no way for NEPCA to connect the payee name to the registrant.  


  1. Kathleen Smith says:

    When and where is the Fall 2015 conference?

    • robnepca says:

      Kathleen’s query is a good one. NEPCA is currently in negotiation over the 2015 site. Watch this blog for updates. We’ll let all of you know as soon as we know for certain. We have a very solid proposal in progress, but we prefer to wait until things are settled definitively rather than floating incomplete information. In the meantime, please get on board with the 2014 conference in Providence. This promises to be a very exciting opportunity in a very desirable city. Don’t miss out on 2014!

  2. MN says:

    It states above that the deadline for proposals is June 1 but I received an email and flyer that said the submission deadline was June 9. Which is the correct date?

    • robnepca says:

      Some of the area chairs requested a June 9 extension. We have decided to extend this to ALL panels, so please submit a proposal regardless of whether it says June 1 or June 9.

  3. MM says:

    There is no information about transportation. Will there be any shuttles, buses, I don’t know maybe carpool opportunities? It is very hard to get to New London NH for international participants. Can you please post some information?

    • robnepca says:

      Transportation information will be posted shortly. Short answer though is that NEPCA is a moderately sized regional conference that relies upon public transport. We own no buses, nor do we contract with any bus lines. But fear not–all shall be revealed within the next few days!

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